Sunday, April 1, 2012

Outstanding Thomasian Alumni (TOTAL) 2011 awards Janice Hung

31 March 2012, I was in UST Chapel to see its Outstanding Thomasian Alumni (TOTAL) 2011 awards. And heard glorious mass prior to various success stories speech among awardees in various fields. Such as Medicine, community service and sports. Unlike Nobel Prize, Yahoo, Oscar, CNN, National Artist or World Cup or Olympics  awarding  ceremony. It boils down to school where you came from which sharpens your skills and nourished your soul. You will determine the overall results of performance of this various outstanding alumni in thier chosen field. 

Janice the sports awardee for wushu and its Talent Manager Louise of invited me to witnessed this once in a lifetime awarding ceremony. As glorious sons and daughters recons and bring back service to its Alma Mater. Aside from hearing the speech and struggles of an 80year old successful doctor and grandfather with remarkable legacy in passing the torch to its family. Instilled carry on as time even decades came by the virtue and science of this school.

And hollywood icon/writer who works with respectable company like pixar, foreign showbiz and donated more than a million dollar to UST school projects. Alumni who helps to build hospital, quality education and environment protection. This you may see of what can be accomplished by being outstanding in you own field. And be a light to others that it can be done in-spite of difficulty. After hearing the community involvement of Bono, Bill, Clinton and Oprah speech in Stanford and Harvard Graduation. Like the same mind and advocacy of this UST TOTAL awardees.

From nothing to everything and nobody to somebody you can be the best what you can be to inspire others. Professionals, Businesses, Artist that won numerous awards abroad I'm sure any parents, teachers, mentors would be glad and proud of. And I saw most of the awarded personalities are those people who can do,  have done the real job and excelled. 

Not only in professional but mostly in community service. To know more about the UST Total Awards visit this link. As legend may start somewhere, I think you can be from any school or institution to be outstanding. The recognition never stops in school it needs to be given back and encourage more people to do so to please our mighty creator. I also saw on the handbook that one of my former referee-sports mentor, Dr Noli Gabriel is a former awardee. In the name of sports and Martial Arts Congrats to him and Janice!

Very nice world class performance!!! Bravo

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