Monday, April 23, 2012

“My ZALORA Wishlist”

I browse and registered to this site merchant. I found out pretty much interesting products that are on sale. Plus I got 250 free voucher upon registration, in which I can use for future purchases.  Just to save time and money shopping online is a good option than going to mall boutiques. In my busy lifestyle while living in the fast paced metro.

And found out that they are offering a lot of stuff. So I put my 5 wish lists. I have no problem because they will deliver it or my door or office steps. And charge it to my merchant account or cc if i didn't win these prizes.

For business and corporate use I choose The Gibi Black formal shoe Size 11. That are laced -up dress leather shoes. I trust Gibi brand for its comfort and good quality that will last for a long time.  For only 2, 499.75 pesos
I choose Black Nehru Bush XL Jacket by Merger. The model looks like a hollywood action star. So how i wish i could if I wear this black Jacket. That I can use for formal with tie and casual under to cover my polo shirt for different occasion. Ready to roll with my slacks or jeans. For only 2.495 pesos I got formal and casual ready to wear jacket.
I like sports so as an alternative i select Polar HRM. SD heart rate motoring unit that is ideal for running and adventure sports. Which i am actively engage in, so get in! Perfect combination to unleash the active men thing inside me. Also good outfit for party-rock yeah.... Waking electronics do yoo, for my black eyed peas yo!
Look like a punk-rock long black pant zip size 35. With strategic pocket, in my everyday use. I need pants like this to my busy office and outdoor work. Only 3, 950 pesos for simple plan or maroon5 pants costume like this.
I got an Athletes Foot, I mean busy feet  roaming around the free world traveling. That's why this KSO Vibram five fingers size 46 is ideal for me. For only 4, 950 pesos in Navy black seal color. Now here's the deal, if you like to win this items join this wish-list contest. Also follow them on twitter @zalora.


Kumiko Mae said...

Hi Jayson! Long time no comment! Good luck on your entry. personally, i think the jacket you chose is awesome!

jayson biadog said...

Thanks kumi..longtime no see a..c u