Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Anti-Cervical Cancer Campaign in Bacoor, Cavite

Before Holy-week, I attended the usual  Monday flag Ceremony in Bacoor City Hall. Together with its thousands of govbernement employees.  Anti-Cervical Cancer Campaign in Bacoor, Cavite in partner with GSK or Glaxo Smith Kline. Together with Congresswoman  Lani Mercado, Mayor Strike Revilla and some of the City's Medical Team. 

Anyways, Cervical Cancer cause by HPV or human Papillovirus. A desease Cause by sexual intercourse, smoking, low socioeconomic status and other risky sexual behavior. Good thing that City like Bacoor, Cavite and San Fernando, Pampanga take this initiative. This is a very serious issue among family. Imagine your Mother, Sister, Girlfriend, Wife, Aunt, Friend can be 1 of the victim of this killer disease.

According to 2005 annual report of Filipino Cancer Registry. That is 22.5 cases out of 100 000 women imagine. In 2005 report shows of 7,277 new cases and 3,807 reported deaths. Meaning to say this is a very serious health issue for women. Former Beauty Queen Abigail Arenas the host told-educate the public about its responsibility. to tell its friends and families about this prevention. Also she called up mothers on stage that has 11 and 12 numbers of children. 10 mothers come up on stage.

 Congresswoman Lani guided by Mayor Strike take the Lead
 See the X they feel like mosquito bite on injection

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Wonderful article, thanks for putting this together!Cervical Cancer