Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunrise Buckets @ the Grove 100% Rockwell

Magnificent view and gardens this will inspire you to live more. The Grove by Rockwell in Ortigas shines brighter and more exiting. As I passed by the entrance on Sunrise Buckets Restaurant. Give friends, families and beerkadas another chill place to relax and hang out.
Like this garden beside and the abundance of space made by 100% rockwell. This modern urbanite design 75:25 nature to structure ratio. Seems like a park from the metro of stress and pollution. Now its good for me to breath fresh air here in the gardens with in the city. 
 Look at this creation?
 The good news is, that its in front of Sunrise Buckets
You may feel your in US or Canada as you taste this crazy chicken wings
"Because of busy life we don't have enough time to go to the beach" Founder Abigail Co-Haw of Sunrise Buckets said. Inspired by 2 chefs in Miami, FL and Sydney CA. While travelling they explored Buffalo Wings on different location with different taste.
Good for watching Olympics, world championship or any sports  
 Like ESPN, ANX, Surfing, Grand Prix or PGA
 More than 100 variety of Imported beers and drinks
 This is just along C5 near Ortigas Ave tel 571 8151 visit
Now as we talked about European travel we looked at the menu 
and order Sunrise Buckets each one of us 
 Street in US
 Mouthwatering wings for fast casual dining
 Spicy and tasty fresh cooked wings never frozen
Cooked in 100% canola oil with omega3 fatty acid profile
They used double fry system to make sure wings are crispy
 I used plastic on my hand
 Full and empty in 10mins
 Order another one with dip
 Finger lickin good
 wrong spelling its Jayson
 Eat Pray Love Laugh Frame
 Bone collector for dogs
 Miss the kamayan style for years so I did it after 7years
 stay cool taste good daw
 buckets n beer up
 superbase fpj
 can't drink more than 1
 long conversation
 in the city
 por pabor
 attractive beaches and surfing stuff
 full tank
 souvenirs the surfer style
 fast service
 opens 11am-10pm sun to mon and 11am to 12mn tues and sat 
 Enjoy the buffalo wings in a beachy atmosphere
 world beach tour?
 im a beach bum
 party wings can seat 60inside and 20 outside guest
 media release blogs are more realistic and reliable
 Beer Vs Wime
 im from Hungary for 1 more
 like helicopter ceilings
 nice lights to chill with cool ambiance 
 half full
 plenty of oxygen
 night view
 looks like universal studios
 manila glow lights
The Grove Rockwell sign lights
 party rock 

 sunrise buckets is a worth place to stop
 enjoy the show
 barkada fries
 fries for hungry surfer
 you may celebrate your bday here and get free 1/2 bbd amokin wings
 contest announcement
 are you ready for eating contest?
 nachos you may order coffee, poppers, slammin burger
 boneless, desserts or sides too
 toast for wine lovers
 wings, drinks mise en place
 girl out
 hot wings eating contest with no water
 eat hot wings till ur ears turn into red
 mix my drink
 beer evolution
 free wifi
trivia questions

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