Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mobile iPhoneography @ Coffee Bean

Xander's lesson and life experiences were inspiring on how he take photos. And  published it to mass media even in the global arena. Now technology is helping us to enhanced photos easily. I used to do this in my sony Erickson k850i, ipad2 before and macbookpro for now by changing the photos colors and looks. And its quite look good like DLSR camera plus enhancement legacy of Steve Jobs. Simple talk about places is not enough instead it need to be capture. Like the beautiful places, wonderful travel, great food, coolest events and parties. 

iPhoneography the latest photo technique to celebrate and immortalize life's precious moment. Whatever photo-phone you are using or any camera, tablets will do. Pro photographer Xander Angeles teach us last week at Ayala triangle's coffee bean. On how to edit, capture professional looking photo using you phone or tablet. "This is an Effort to put as at par with other countries"  -Walden Chu the President of Coffee Bean. the best way to cultivate skills using available technologies.
 Pineapple Vanilla summer quencher ice blended with cake while monitoring my social media.

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