Sunday, December 25, 2011

We Need to Speak up in 2012

Photo by Mhel during my Speech in Iblog Summit 7

Speak and be heard because everybody's deserves to express its own feelings. This 2012 we speak not just to talk or say something. But we need to speak up because we need something to be stop or promoted for better result. In my case I speak up to contest to help same mind contest Junkie alike, businesses, as well as to connect buyers to sellers.

We need to speak up to resist the bahala na or pwede na yan attitude. We need to speak up and work things out. To help our very own country, To eliminate the myth of Juan Tamad and Asiong Aksaya. To be replaced by the icons-work ethics of industrialist/craftsman such as Carnegie, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs or passionate Rizal, Juan Luna, Carlos Romulo and Fernando Amorsolo.

Last Pacqiao and Marquez boxing fight, I speak up because i don't like what is happening. Some media-people are doing too much of exaggeration. Its ok to give opinion but not too much that you mislead the public. In this case its a world championship and its ok to declare the other person as a real winner. With out biased views. I mean you win with fair review to your competitor that they will not be hurt.

A lot of people speak up and being bullied. Like the cyber issues experienced by Christopher Lao . And the mass spread news of Oprah stating Shamcey should have won. We should resist the majority of silence instead we need to speak up. Speak up with facts and realistic opinion or vision. Can do constructive approach or criticism so that it will make sense and would edify the recipient. Not by bullying someone below the belt.

We need to speak up for Piracy, Illegal downloads or Something Illegal. Or people relying on wikipedia and youtube content without giving the credit to author or photographer. Even as simple as slow internet connection, phone-line overcharging, jueteng, post office modus, MMDA kotongs or Scam. Would help the country system and trustworthiness a lot. Scams or even false news such as Ms. Pilipinas/Universe is dead.

Not speaking up your mind with Major Major and with Digital Cyber Bully. Celebrities and Politicians are the main target of this folks. This harsh cyber bullying such as Charice, Beiber, Pacman, Marcos, Twister, Aquino, Ligot, Ampatuan, Corona, Reyes and Arroyos. We should speak up and be heard. In resistance to mediocrity and limitations for better.
Knuckles up...I do speak up, so you?


Don said...

We must now understand and act.

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

We need to don so that we can be heard. and we don't live in the result of others.