Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Adventure Trek and Races

Backpacking Adventure is one of my favorite pastime and hobby. Wethier inside or outside the Philippines. Its a must fulfillment for me. In 2003 me and my fellow martial artist do some intercity bike adventure morning till night weekend trip. We just visited our friends house and bike from 1 city to another in Talisay and Bacolod City.  

The adventure continues with trail run in Timberland Heights San Mateo Rizal, Philippines last 2006. I run-walk the mountain slope and face angry mountain mud, dew as well as exotic grass and plants. Some of the Menshealth racers do some duathlon and mountain-biking at that time. It was  foggy 5 o clock in the morning and the adventure begins to unleashed. 

The adventure still continues in 2007 when BGC host a lot of running and adventure events. Which includes climbing and urban adventures. Menshealth organize urban-marathon last 2008 at fort bonifacio, a combination of climbing, obstacle courses, running and some exciting challenges that wil keep your adrenaline pump. I do some non stop running, climbing and do some like basic military or ROTC tactical survival courses. Its kind of messy when you pass the finishers line, but you can feel the mix emotion of heart pump, triumph, fulfillment, hardcore adventure and body pain.

The adventure was really exciting when me and my bro made it to the finals of AXN big challenge. and my brother Danilo won the grand prize. He is wearing an ideal adventure gear at that time. As he perform agile activity on doing some Tarzan Stunts, crossover, rappelling, climbing and being a National Team of Subaru hand challenge contingent for 3 years up to this years face off in Singapore.

In 2010 I also do some tree planting in the forest. Facing angry winds and rains at that time in Manila Water Shed. Muds are everywhere sometimes we need to cross 3 feet flooded canal to reach our planting destination. We learn only not do some planting but also we were trained by our tour guide on how to protect this watershed. 

Also being exposed to those cool adventure challenges i was now able to read maps, blue prints easily. That's why we won the urban amazing race last year by electrolux. Same thing running, finding a thing and rappeiling by at this time with a lot of shoppers and crowd. Inside and outside the mall but not only physical but also some mind puzzle, washing, taking spot pictures and electronic appliances identification parts challenges. 

Also long walking hours morning till dawn adventure in HK Disneyland, Macau, China and Singapore. Visiting different outdoor historic places like its sea and mountains. We love it much better as well when we do some teamsports like the wargames.

Last year also we do some adventure race organized by Total Fitness Magazine in Subic. It was a combination of sailing, tree drop, biking, running, food tasting, puzzle solving, motoring, making fire in the jungle, map navigating and superman zoom.  My plan next years to come is also to do mountain climbing inside and outside the country. As well to join some of this individual and team adventure races. And I hope to win this cool gears by blog contest.


Tough Guy said...

It was a great and cool adventure, thanks for sharing. Looking forward always for more updates.

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tough adventures for tough guy like you!