Friday, December 16, 2011

Suzuki AutoMoto Invasion Dec 15-18, 2011

Before its actual opening to the public I witnessed this motor-car industry leader. Showcase its both Suzuki Car and Motorcycle hold its first ever grand motor invasion. A four day event showcasing Japanese best creation on motorcycles and cars. Which is already proven best, safe and effective. Because I used experienced to ride this kind of motors almost a decade already. Suzuki AutoMoto Invasion in SM MOA Music hall dated Dec 15-18, 2011. Was never been seen before 2012 line up latest Suzuki original apparels on sale.

 The Invasion Includes Free Check up, 20 point inspection of Suzuki Automobiles, Engine Check up, change oil and filters for Suzuki motorcycles. This brand doesn't known only for its durability but as I can see this kind of Cars and Motorcycles. Can impress the heart of A to C market and can be considered as good quality economy cars with style. As a living proof I used to ride to My former fellow coach and referee. Who used to drive this kind of vehicle for more than a decade. I can sense and feel the engine is still good and car was in good shape. 
This invasion was implemented nationwide last 2010 but was only focused on motorcycles. In this year they will focused on integrated motor and car said by Mr. Satoshi Uchida, president, Suzuki Philippines. During our presscon. We have this family thinking and buying experience that once a certain motor, bike or parts was coming from Japan. Meaning to say its a good lasting quality.
Suzuki participants can participate on daily games. And I think this will be made for many years to come. You might know more than 1 in a year.
They also showcase cost-play competition  delivering technological innovations. wow..with surprise celebrity guesting. Fashion show featuring 2012 Suzuki hot racing outfit (i got 1). As well as helping the Philippine Economy by creating more jobs on its Job Fair. 
 Wanna win a quarter million cash?
 Show your dance move with the glory of your passion
 In the Grand Championship of Suzuki's "Show Me Da Moves"
 Showing the battles of 18 best dance crews
 The next or Better Maneuvers, Backtreet or Jabowookeez dance group
 Racing aficionados see this design  more exciting 
 Cris Kho the fast cart racer covers the event
 Classic Mass Motor Economy Type
 Looks like my Uncles and Father's Motorcycle
 More than just a Motor..hey we can comepte very nicely with the Van or XUV industry
 Magazines, Radio, Print, Websites and News Folks 
 To many press and meet some of its Officers and PR's
Satochi Uchida- President Suzuki Philippines since 2008. An outstanding graduate of Kyoto University in Japan. Mastered its craft and been leading different branches in the world such as Suzuki Japan, Spain and France since 1983.
Eiji Kobayashi - GM Suzuki Philippines Motor and Marketing. This guy explains "the real deal of every business" increasing units of Suzuki sold in the market. 55k on 2009 and 70k on 2010. As well as promoting program of road safety.
Catalina Calderon - Managing Director and Treasurer; This lady is the brain of the arithmetic operations with a thick wallet, oh I'm just kidding.  She is the second in command and a top Filipino executive. A good example that woman can do great men's task. Who claimed from the ladder of higher responsibilities since 1986.  She had schooling in PUP, AIM and Work with top prestigious firms like SGV.

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