Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rugby and Soccer Madness Fever

Rugby is a very popular sports in America, while soccer is popular in almost every country across the globe. I used to see great movies like the famous motivational coaching speech of Al Pacino on movie "Any Sunday Given" . Difference between winning and losing in any fight the one who is willing to die and fight to the last breath it takes. He is like giving a winning  team the true spirit to every rugby player to be sent to danger-warzone. 

Like military commanders briefly-honored its soldiers before they were sent to enemy lines like Iraq, Basilan, Somalia or Afghanistan. Here the real battle can be as funny as shaolin soccer or as exciting honor between nations. Also to see your favorite  soccer and rugby highest paid pro like Beckham, Ronaldo, Carter, Habana, Wilkinson, Giteau or kaka do the power run-agile-trick score move.

Remembers me to greatest true story movie "goal" in soccer a physically sick but mentally world class athlete who is willing to do for the love of the game. Because what is important is that you know you love what you are passionately doing. And your willing to take risk for the game you love even life.  

In office last couple of months ago we made a rugby cheer for our department team. Its like a ritual or called the "haka" its fun and unique. We make our faces looks like a commando soldiers with artistic art then we perform the winning ritual. As part of company's mission to equipped its leaders on how to manage effectively its people themed "winning congress".

Before, I meet Athletes like Askals and other Philippine team who played for world cup and other international soccer games. Now its good to hear very interesting stories on how they win game and tension between rivals. Even on my college and high school years i meet this cool athletes during recognition day on school and province. 

As they bring honor to school and hometown in midst of soccer also me in tkd. With a cool theme song of wavin flag by K'naan or wakawaka by Shakira. Surely the excitement will continue  burn in our hearts with the rainbow world advocacy of Nobel Prize winner Prison-President Nelson Mandela. To remember this Rugby and Soccer Sports Madness.

Me and my Brother almost win the Castrol soccer skills challenge finals last year. An all expense trip last year to S. Africa to witness the prestigious Fifa world cup. During my active athlete life i like to see the soccer action on Rizal Memorial Stadium Soccer grounds in the Philippines. But is your going to travel,purchase soccer or rugby products, local or abroad such adidas, puma, nike and more see the soccer and rugby madness fever. 

Also to see games and championship you may get discount from coupons. I wish i could  witness Rugby and Soccer championship. As well get as collectors apparel whether Fifa, World Cup or Olympics Final match memorabilia apparel-shoes and get discount coupons.

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