Thursday, October 6, 2011

EA Continuing Education

EA Continuing education in every field is very important whether you are a student or professional. As numbers doesn't lie, you need always to quantify how and why. How you were tax heavily by the government. Numbers are so easy to count but sometimes can be deceiving by system or process. You need to be well equipped with the latest tools to became competent as a producer of wow result as well as cream of the crop market value. 

Other wise the big chunk of the market-niche will go to those who choose to do and understand. What I mean is if you will not do it somebody else will. Like nobody did the first software than Microsoft or coolest gadget as Apple. If those people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates will steal those great arts of dreams and ideas. Now I can say they monopolize the entire galactic universe of awesomeness to became the most significant industrialist of the world.

Speaking of non stop education i would prefer that you applied science of study
(like math, ethics, taxation) put into action. I mean take some few minutes, bucks and hours to sharpen the saw. That will result to a great CUT I mean great work. As spiders is really patient enough to build those cobweb that will eventually turn into trap. Here your making a net like spiders do of world limitless possibilities. As you climb the ladder of result, life, wisdom and success. Remember that this technology are cool platform in partner with that measurement on HOW fast you may go. 

I would bet my last blood of courage to those people who do non stop schooling while working the way I do. In everything you do you always to measure if its an asset or liability or a big display clown-joke. Because looks and process sometimes can't be true or lets say "good-looking-junk". I'm not saying that money talks bullshit walks, talk a lot of non-important-unproductive trivia-gossip things as results speaks louder than its applause.  Majority doesn't cares about your feelings but cares about on what can you contribute.

Money can build churches as far as EA ethics course is concern, feed and cure hungry-unhealthy helpless people and send your child to a competitive good school even pay fair lawyers when somebody ignore/violate your rights. Give me a number and i can guess even visualize the rest of the story. Fast forward academy  may hone your personal, career, ethics, business, management decision and its up to you. You may agree or disagree with me because this is a foreign ads paid review.

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