Sunday, September 18, 2011

Golfing and Iping Application at PGAP

This was a cool Iping Application at PGAP i used when i compete to Ping's putting challenge last week. I missed the due to hectic of schedules for the longest and precise driving range separate competition. Anyways, this was also the competition I'm excited to win because its kind of easy compare to win the actual 18 or 36 hole tournament. The specialist used to set up again the program because i was left handed when all of my competitors were right.  I must catch up to beat the 4/5 hole score. I asked the specialist if i can download it via samsung galaxy tab. He said no and no holder for tab, i told him its quite heavy as well. But i like the accuracy measurement and angle.

Application and technology is going better and better. With golf precision technology now touchscreen but i used to play before with n9500. I saw also  3d and electronic background amazing of actual world golf course on 2 x 2m square you can now play the pro league. The first experience of my insanity in putting was in Camp John Hay, Baguio when i visited an old cavalier friend. It was cool and since i was happy i persevere to do it again to came to the point i was in the middle of big tournament called Jack Nicklaus who's winning record is better than Tiger Woods. 

Even though last Jack Nicklaus tournament at sherwood hills this competition came close to win aside from hole in one. Wish that fly paper was available in the area because i cant concentrate to beat the pro's when you see flies were everywhere during flies season. Good thing that their is unlimited hot and cold starbucks new drinks served in the area near the hole. So i asked my brother to stay their and watch me and joey do the shots in doubles. Noted you need to pay the green fees once you walked with us. Our twin rival is all pros good thing that even though they are competitors they still us cool skills and tricks. Joey my mentor teach me some skills. Also the difference between the golf here and in US the caddie thing you need to bring it your own. Thanks to Joey who treated me with cab car aside from caddie.

To bad for me my shots was not that good sometimes i lost a ball to waters, bunker and sand. Since i only have a few rounds of practice in eagle ridge which is my ex club. Since i broke up missed that club but i still continue do some putting with the Chaplains son Eprodito and my brother in Camp Agunaldo. Sometimes in Citigolf but mostly in Villamor because its much more cheaper per bucket to make sure my legendary Jack Nicklaus memorabilia burns alive. Since my car is broke as soon that it is fixed  or get a new one I will visit and feel again the greens.  Who know i must compete later with the PGA?

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