Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fabricated Drama Ortiz Vs. Mayweather

Have you seen the latest fight of Ortiz Vs. Mayweather? At the 4th round I believe it was a Fabricated Drama that every boxing fan doesn't deserve. Poor boxers and fans they are just seeing the result the way big gamblers, promoters wants boxing trend to be seen according to their plan. Now, the honor of this Boxing champions were not for real at all. Ortiz is a strong guy and if will just fight the way he performed before he can beat Mayweather. Now Floyd i can sense that he doesn't have stamina at all.

Once you have rested for a long time might as well retire. To defend your title look what happen to Oscar Dela Hoya and Tyson they are just beaten. Even in the competitive Olympic sports or any world champion martial artist would say. If i didn't train that hard for a week or month i may just beaten because great people are everywhere. Next in line is just around the corner any corner now, if you will not defend your title somebody else will take over the slot.

Now if you would see how Mayweather react when a sports reporter asked him relevant question. He seems like to be guilty that he avoid the consequences of winning by cheating or getting the prize with no value at all. Now most of the fans are not happy especially those who paid the expensive ring tickets. Winning is forever and you need to defend it. Poor boxers and fans now they suffer because of this promoters and gamblers evil will. But, This boxers doesn't understand the real meaning of a true blood champion that's my 2 cents.

But I'm still looking forward for real match Pacman Vs Mayweather if not them I see no boxing excitement at all.


Myk Rome said...

Your right its like just Money - Money ! no HONOR Floyd just sign the contract Cong. Many Pacman will take any kind of test just FIGHT HIM !!!

Travel Food Movie Blog said...

oy yeah mike..its greed exploitation of force