Thursday, August 4, 2011

Travel in Philippines:

How can you connect more than 7000 islands in the Philippines? We've got thousands of Philippines country sites or blog guides but selecting a particular destination is quite a big challenge. travel portal is the newest online one stop shop that aggregates local travel in the Philippines. This portal helps Pinoy's and foreign travelers to plan its next adventure and relaxation escapades. You may see my fav sports fanatic Marc Nelson or your local pogi artist Gerald Anderson describes its escapades in a particular province travel coolest experience.

Bonamine and Department of Tourism aims to encourage Filipinos to explore every part of the country. To explore "Ang ganda ng Pilipinas and good Pinoy traditions. I mean the rich beauty and culture of the Philippines. Because it also helps local businesses and you may enjoy Philippine beauty of the lost world. So explore the cities and town of the underground Philippines.

Last couple of days I was able to talked to Joy Roxas a Pro-Runner and Writer. She talked about her running passion with Priest that captures the world attention. She ran from NY to CA, USA for 6 months i mean from east coast to west coast? I think she is a nerd passionate athlete. But not only that she also run last 2005 from north to south of Philippines Batanes to Sulu. I plan to do this sometime or do the iron man challenge what do you think? Because i like Usain Bolt, Armstrong and Phelps.

Also with Fil-Spanish surfer Paolo Soler who encourage me to surf in Club Manila East and somewhere north. I planned to do it next couple of weeks. Now, i told him surfing in Hawaii got a big prize which i saw on TV and ESPN. He told me its cool and he told me hes teaching more than thousands of surfers already across the country. This sounds like a silver surfer and bay-watch for me...I'm quite excited..
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JEN's blog said...

wow.. I hope i can visit here one day.. envy mode..Last year I went to Wisconsin Dells. The Water Parks out there are really extravagant just right enough to be called Water Parks Capital in the US. Fabulous!