Saturday, August 6, 2011

Metro Manila Traffic Navigator

Traffic in Metro Manila is very challenging in our daily lives. Metro Manila Traffic Navigator empowers people to transform technology to control traffic jam over our daily routine. This cool technology will be able you to anticipate heavy and light traffic overview from home. Where you can see traffic situation from 6 major metropolis way from C5, EDSA, Quezon Ave, Espana, Roxas Blvd to South Luzon Express way or SLEx. In line with view of google maps. This MMDA update via metro scenario is scene in no less than 67 hectic intersections every 5-15m minutes. So MMDA personnel is using us to update also the system regularly because its not real time. I mean delayed by 5-15 minutes due to system implementation but this is quite impressive and useful.

It can detect traffic hopefully someday it can detect flood, over speeding, over noising, or brown out. I'm kind a high tech now view via birds eye, side or architects view or see the building like what they do to first world country as areas for improvement. Anyways this would be a big help already but still we can anticipate more or do more. To prevent the occurrence or be prepared, safeguard our love ones for the another Road Inconvenience, Accident, Road bad traffic experience, Ondoy or Tsunami tragedy. All I dedicate this in welfare of humanity and the Filipino people. We can help this technology improve and we can appreciate the effort of MMDA,  government and TV5 to promote this good technology to the public.

As time is gold lets use technology as a good medicine on how to maximize our route. You can download this on your mobile phone application via android, macs, linux, windows, opera or any smart phones  but please DO NOT use this while driving. I would recommend you do this before and after you travel. So that you can read the gravity of the situation and traffic trends. On which time frame the gravity of traffic rise or fall on a very specific street lets say the place i travel everyday Edsa-Shaw boulevard to Ortigas. Like what do racers do they follow a path-maneuver communicated to ear-sight computer command center that resulted to grand prix-winning. In this case we follow path to avoid traffic jams to reach our destination the fastest and safest way possible.

But as further research, study and feedback continue lets be a big part of this improvement so we need to see your feedback. The awesome medicine technology could be further enhanced and improve with your help, feedback or suggestion.

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