Friday, August 19, 2011

Glam Rock Pop Artist - Bunny

Photo by Cool Graphic Video Artist Jude Ng 
 My Cool Video Editor and Multimedia Artist

Bunny describes as Glam Rock Pop Girl Artist as Pinoy dream academy scholar. Her latest album describes as her "independence and personal interest". The song talks about her-life and when she meet her real life BF Chivas. She was discovered by European/American producers Jay Muller and Ben Patton via Youtube. 

See inner talent no need tough push on public because people will just discover. And realize your uniqueness or inner voice of what you truly want to become. So this uploaded PDA performance uploaded and enthralled producers to venture into glam rock project.
“We didn't ‘package’ Bunny at all, that's just how she is. She is a born rock-star with her own real-life sexiness and attitude, and at the same time, she's funny and sweet. We just tried to write the songs that represent the way she really is. That's the album concept which is also an introduction to Bunny,” said Muller. Muller and Patton believes that Bunny “gritty and glamorous” and said “In the Philippines usually, the rock bands are gritty and the pop singers are glamorous. But Bunny is both.

Bunny's featured "Mad Lover" an amazing duet with her realize sweetheart Chivas. Its good to see artist doesn't fake their heart for popularity. But they do it because they are true to themselves and in real life.  This mellow songs depicts both wild and crazy story of actual lovers and artist. So i would say the Cheese is for Rats, i mean ang cheezy in real life.

Ben Patton Lyrics is also behind KC Concepcion’s songs “Not Like The Movies” and “After The End”. Also with  Nikki Gil’s “Last Love” and the entire album of Kelsey Adams from queen city of the South.

Bunny revealed she like "What i meant" because whenever she fall in love. She oppositely on denial which is opposite on what she feel, she revealed. Bunny also venture on acting and modeling aside from singing. By being discovered by Jaye of Pinoy Dream Academy. "Bunny" is distributed by Polyeast Records available nationwide Visit

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