Saturday, August 27, 2011

BUM - Reveal Your Dark Side

COSPLAY or Costume Play is the new trend for youth today even adults. To reveal your mood or fashion trends that you really like. BUM - Reveal Your Dark Side. Like Otaku culture a Japanese magazines which most of my friends were involve in. 

As this youth revealed their BUM - Dark Side identity to the public. Last at 55 events place in Tomas Morato QC last week. Dominate by its own story on how they enhances their accessories such as wigs, lenses, props to suit its ego wethier rock, punk, hip-hop, reggae or even any kind of music inspired genra. They look like very happy and adored to carry on ramp pictorial its unique passion. 
This youth and young adults speaks its emotions via its unique anime character. Above all its creativity and artistic talent comes out naturally on how they would portray it own uniqueness. Now here comes the amazing costume that will build the next taste of our new generation.  
Some people may find this weird or badoy but this is an art its how you appreciate or define it. For me this passionistas are creative enough to express their feelings and great costume works to the public. So they deserve a wow from me so that they can persevere and do more creative artiste things like this.
Like what my favorite female cosplayer Aloida Gosiengfiao and artist Lady Gaga. You may find them sometime exaggerated but its just the unique them can do that make a bunch of crowd and fan satisfied. So you would realize that this people can rock, satisfy and rally the whole fan crowd. 
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See the Inspired Twilight Icon?
OMG! Its Edward and Bella?

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