Saturday, August 27, 2011

1st Philippine Research Conference - CSR

This Sept 1, 2011 is the UST Graduate School, 1st Philippine Research Conference - CSR supported by educational associations, colleges and universities all over the country. This 5 speakers gained a lot of local and foreign training and speech to mention. So reserve your slot now because theirs only 150 seats available. 5000 php for corporate and 2,500 for academe that will be paid on the venue itself in UST.

CSR - Good governance and proper management dealings with public particularly students, faculties, staffs, employees and communities. An organize good process of taking care of public and private institutions. An organized process team that collaborates best and brightest idea. Documenting various approaches that rely more than evidence, structures timely and very important for common good.
Last July 25, 2011 At Club Filipino, San Juan the question of some media and guest were regarding to mining industry. The speakers give out its all points that with out mining. We have no steel chair that we are sitting and glass were drinking on the table. But this laws were really good but the problem is with the people and company sometimes they abuse. The speakers like Dr. Tehankee also cited some important things that you cannot compromise quality to be number1. Like what happen to Toyota USA the CEO decries in front of the public. I also talked to him about the flaws of this giant company that we were using both right now compare to other gadgets.
The research must be partnered to schools to properly analyze to carefully measure the impact of its growth. This research is applied to all industry as fas as I remember a lot of eyes were watching. To this company's, public organizations so you can see the quality, safety and sincerity of this group involve. The speakers also citied some big corporations controlled school to avoid business monopoly. Because the main concern here is equal opportunity and corporate responsibility whether your how big or small company is. 

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