Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stop Animal Crushed Videos - PETA

PETA or Peoples for Ethical Treatment for Animals will give 100, 000 pesos reward. To the witness who would give information on Crush Videos suspect Dorma 'Chita' Ridon. You may contact PETA at 0999 888 7382. All calls will be treated with confidentiality, anyways I saw on several video how she execute the torture last press-con at Dusit hotel Makati. 

Her execution of animals was on the video and she was the main suspect of selling the videos all over the world. Via underground internet links of animal tortured videos footage. She uses also minors for help to crushed this helpless animals. So she will also be responsible for another case which is child abuse.

Some of the videos showned were cutting rabbits ear, monkey being hit in the eye, dog skinned alive, dog and snake being crushed. This videos according to Roshelle Regodon PETA's representative in Asia and Pacific were sold at $100, $150 and $200. TRigth now NBI and Law enforcement are hunting Chita and her Husband Vic Redon for this crime issued by La Unions Trial Court.

Visit this blog and for more info's. The case was also brought into Senate and congress. This is not a human act and behavior and should not be tolerated. I think the buyer of the videos will be penalized as well.

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