Friday, July 29, 2011

Planet Solar, World's Largest Solar Boat MS Turanor

Monday July 27, 2011 I witnessed one of the greatest Filipino Achievement in the world History. Planet Solar, World's Largest Solar Boat named "MS Turanor" in Philippine Navy HQ in Manila Roxas Blvd Bay Area. Welcomed by VP Binay and representatives from Sunpower a US based solar company. 38, 000 Sunpower high-efficient Maxeon Solar Cells. Now it has solar plant in the Philippines that supplies 3 million of solar plates per week shipped all over the world. You may see the video and more pics of MS Turanor at

It has a record in Guinness defined as the fastest solar power boat that circumference the whole world. I visit the boat facility walking beside the VP, diplomats, sun power officials and 4 star coastguard. The escorts and people from Ogilvy was stopping me because I'm on 2nd media batch boat tour. Whew! I feel I'm the President blogger at this time. Marching in fronts of military boarding this biggest solar boat that i was daydreaming off came into reality. Vice President Jejomay Binay said "he's proud to be a member of the Philippine Marines. Also he was amazed on how this big boat managed by 4 foreign crews looking at us beside the boat.

 Imagine the Titanic Scenario
Snappy Officers toured and entertain the lovely duchess
The European or the French/Swiss Style to bridge London or Paris
 Kitchen of 4 Crews MS Turanor
Manila is the 1st Stopover in Asia of World Tour to Date
50, 000 km voyage to 5 continents
 The Captain told Us Some Hi-Tech Navigational Equipment
Sailing under Swiss flag boat measures 102ft length and 50ft width
Using Sun power Solar cells 50% more efficient than conventional cells
 French Women loves to Learn More
 007 on Board Cruise Control
Contest Alert : See link here and be here to my toy place
 Mini Sailor the evolution of Popeye into a Super Sailors 
Fuel Efficient Eco Friendly Boat
 Achievement and Safety Plaques
 Wine, Entertainment and Amusement inside Deck
I saw bike you can even play and do fitness workout inside
 Solar Cells supplies all the comfort like a hotel inside the Solar Boat
 Solar Car also a famous competition of Shell Eco-marathon

Anyways I meet an old fella Phil Navy Capt Amba (wish your 3 suns gets 4 stars same with my Uncle) on ceremony because we worked before with my Uncle in the US Navy. We talked about the latest retirement of Adm Andamag and the mission we worked with before. Supplying medical and humanitarian mission to Philippine provinces and tragic Leyte landslide. Also with US Navy top gun brave lieutenant Adam Cole of Join the Journey.

Before I end this winners place blog winning journey imagine now how fast technology go? Also how it became more fuel or energy efficient. As well as environment friendly  "no more oil spill" in the name of MS Turanor. Sailing connecting continents using ideal equipment and technology beyond boarders.

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