Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Point Blank Action Encounter

I never thought that prestigious online multiplayer games like counter strike, half-life and star-craft can be enhanced. As better as new gaming experience as they can be. When it comes to excitement, action, concepts, weapons, characters were combined together now what? And the new game combination is called " Point Blank".

Go back to this 3 internet multi-player hits on my college and HS years way back late 90's up to now is been actively part of the game called world cyber games. In 2006 when i lead my college students to be part of World Cyber Games in WTC. The result was team skills was not mature enough to compete with the powerhouse called Korea and US, But i think someday well know because the harder you train the luckier you become. In world championship arena..To take into consideration i think HS young people like my brother is quite good enough to be coached compare to the collegiate youth. What you think? Well see the loud internet gamers which genius gamers speaks more louder. In their mouth, courage or their hands techy brain thing  also to expose my brother kaka Marlo and Co...
IP-Egames gives me a chance to test drive "point blank" last week. And i found out that this game is quite exciting because of human and machine chemistry. Now speaking of chemistry in racing its the beat and the car machine. Same here you got weapon but you need to have teamwork to beat the tank and Heli. Whether you are a terrorist or counter same with the movie counterstrike so you add up starcraft then you got concept same in the movie Ramboo, SWAT, the Rock, CSI and Black Hawk Down. Even Hollywood behind enemy lines can be conceptualized in this game. Or the real operation desert storm system like the multinational force Iraq where my uncle and US Navy, Marines friends were deployed couple of years ago.
So this would be like a Masculine + Ammu + Calvary + Teamwork + Infantry + Action super heavy high octane game. I hope sometime they will include the Air-force and the Navy Sea Amphibious thing..Developed by Zepetto in Korea HQ currently the worlds top of the line game to achieve. This exciting game can be downloaded online or you may visit this enhanced counter strike, halflife and a little bit star craft created. So are you ready for some heavy hardcore rock action? BTW it has also military rank insigna to show your online achievement from a simple fresh private to a veteran general.Competing with the best commando in the world can enhance your macho thing, squad teamwork, hero-bravery, discipline even your hunting skills in this world class game. So lets play the toys for the big boys and girls.
d'men behind Point Blank Philippines
Im Anti Terrorist, Tank and Heli

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