Saturday, June 4, 2011

Music Festival and Muzikademy in Fontana

I like to see live Music Festival here in the Philippines. Like what they do in MTV Asia, UK, Europe, billboards New-York, Orange County the non stop music coolest artist in Beverly Hills, CA. Now see this June 11, 2011 Saturday from 10 am onwards in the Olympic pool garden paradise area of Fontana. Its good to go back here over and over again, My Fontana Paradise. I wish to be a member of this club also to have i great music and sports weekend escapades. To unwind from a heavy business work on weekdays. Also to see green nature and relax from polluted urban life in the Metro.

I've been here Last month's Wushu, Chinoy Republic and Asian modeling swimsuit competition. So this a good Independence day weekend for the whole family. To witness the non stop music, sports, corporate and family affair happens to this hotel, leisure and village. Now the pool hiphop music, rock, music united will do the exhibition only at 500 pesos per ticket reserve your fontana villa and hotel slot now. Because fontana will give free shuttle service to all ticket holders back and forth to Manila. D-Coy n Co,  Artstrong Clarion, DJ Joker and Mizz Snapper told us to support local hiphop artist. Visit
I like to Witness Cool live performance in the Pool
Something like this Saturday and Weekend Independence Day!!!
Were all Free this is Independence Day!!!!
If they do this in US and Europe let do this in the Philippines!
Music  Festival and Muzikademy in Fontana
Music United, Cool Hiphop that Rock my World!

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