Monday, May 2, 2011

I’ll watch Pacman vs. Mosley fight thanks to PLDT myDSL Big Ticket and Watchpad

Manny Pacquiao is a big ticket to the Philippines in worldwide boxing arena. In tandem with PLDT myDSL as a Big Ticket to Awesomeness. Because we can't Miss Manny's great fight right? So we need a fast internet connection as a road to awesomeness to watch Manny's latest videos, news and even live fight! I like to witness Manny's greatest man achievement in the Man's history. While Manny made it big going to the winners place like the Greatest World Arena and White-house. While his opponent Mayweather goes to the Court house. It is a profound statement?

Manny's Agility is so fast that's why he beaten bigger and stronger opponents. Also he uses he's brain and character to win against champion boxer. I like the way he shows fairness to its opponent even during pre figth and after match. "Boxing is not for Killing" this is entertainment that's why Manny is not brutal. And above all he always pray before and after match. He punish and knock down hardcore players like Hatton and give chance to dying or no match opponent( like Delahoya and Margarito).

The Secret of Manny's Victory Over Bigger Opponents

Pacman's Last fight was very obviously with Margarito has no Match at all. Its the technique of all small skilled person to beat bigger opponents by playing counter offense then do some skillful maneuver. In every martial art thats the best weapon of a smaller winner. He can't beat Margarito by force for sure he will knock down by this big hard core trained beast. But Manny always uses hes head and position himself in such a way that he can maximize hes full potential. If you watched and think about Tyson and Holyfield heavyweight match same thing happen as Holyfield Victory does to beat Iron Tyson. Manny's speed, footwork's and agility makes him win the fight and he constantly use that in the entire 12 rounds.

Good thing Manny is not Brutal and want to give Margarito's camp chance to surrender. (if they are really concern about its health, like what delahoya's camp do) But most of Mexican fighter will not surrender because they have a fighting spirit inside. The Secret of Manny's Victory Over Bigger Opponents was faith and greater efforts in training. As what an old proverbs said. The harder you train in military the lesser you bleed in the battle. Boxing in the arena is the real battle, the more discipline, right coaching, techniques and training you applied the more chances you win the fight. Just imagine how David defeat Goliath? How smal MVP's players in other sports beaten up big and tall other players? They beat it by Speed, Techniques and Head. I've been coaching this great techniques to my team players in Taekwondo 9 years ago. Winning attitude is essential and its really a must that you position your head all of the time.

I always ask myself how is all that mestizo's good looking opponent of Manny always ended up like poor than a charity man? Well, i think that's the punishment for being boastful or overconfident during pre-fight interview. Genuine champions doesn't i believe and doesn't underestimate the capability of others. Because you can be beaten by anybody anytime You can be good today or win today but not sure for tomorrow rigth?. No 1 i think was ever be recognize us undefeated, its your time today but tommorow its other time to shine. For when.... when you compare yourself to other, there will be always greater and lesser warrior. For as long as boxing remain an olympic sport for a healthy competition and not for brutal killing. Lets enjoy the energy, action, excitement and victory to our vets. Are you ready to RUMBLE? Enjoy welcome let the worlds biggest game begin.

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Pacquiao’s Achievement is very inspiring because he is more than just a Champion well disiplined boxer. He is a person of good Character who's Catholic faith is strong. He's also a soldier, politician, father, actor, donor, philanthropist, singer, ambassador and a hero.

Pacman vs. Mosley fight is a big sporting event for me this summer. Again lets see and enjoy how Manny bring home the beacon. Im also excited to see Pacman and Mayweather fight? What do you think???

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