Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last time Muzikademy is Promoting its advocacy the free wushu and music education. At Umagang Kay Ganda TV Show prime-time morning show. "Chinoy Republic Band Rocks!" Janice also do great Wushu demonstration in Fontana, SM Fairview and Metrowalk see my post later. See this photo by Stage Director Ruel Almazan on FONTANA ASIA SWIM SUIT COMPETITION 2011  
Chinese Exotic Beauty and Costume
With the Beauty Queens and winners during awarding ceremony. Ruel, Janice and Jen Are the people who work hard behind the success of this international event named "FONTANA ASIA SWIM SUIT COMPETITION 2011"

I just witnessed how 1st world country like Singapore and HK top producers commended their work prowess, stableness under pressure and disaster. We talked about a lot of disaster flaws human error when audience and foreign executives noticed the show goes smoothly. Behind the scene but Jen and Janice performs magic to made it remarkable.
Wushu Costume and Form at Fontana
Kids trained by Janice performs Snappy Wushu Stunts 
Martial Arts Expo at Metrowalk
Sword Concentration
Bill Velasco my Favorite Sports Writer Wrote this Event
Fly me to the Moon wit Chinoy Republic Band
"SM Fairview Rocks"
Bong Baluyot of Gweilos give us cool idea of Music Industry
Im with the Organizers Ariel, Ruel, Jen and Janice at Fontana
Karate National Team after Demo, preparation for International Games
Marital Arts Trio Gretchen Malalad- Karate, Me-Tkd, Janice Wushu 
 March with the Kids, A good product of Learning Foundation
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Moves
 Hot Air at Fontana
 PBA Party List Sports Representative In Charge
 Metrowalk Martial Art Expo Organizers
Janice with DJ Carlo and DJ Churlie of 101.9

Kids at Work Dreaming to Fly Sometime

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