Saturday, May 21, 2011

20th TransSport Show May 26-29, 2011 @ SMX

See you all at the 20th TransSport Show May 26-29, 2011 @ SMX SM Mall of Asia. Car enthusiast will see the cool cars presented by Phoenix Fuels and organized by Tradeshow International, Inc. I think this is one of the car event of the year you wouldn't miss like the movie fast five. Like your Hollywood film surely you will recognize some of the cars used in you favorite blockbuster film. Like my fav 007 bmw's, nicholas cage gone in 60 seconds unicorn and ladies, Jacky Chans action Mits, fast five ferraris, Donald Trump apprentice chevy tahoe and transformers GM robots and so many cars to mention.    

If women likes retail, food, make  ups and bling's guys like me likes heavy rock masculine thing. I mean toys for the big boys. This auto show will excite car aficionados all over the Philippines. Because it doesnt showcase old and latest cars. But also from accessories, parts, services, safety, insurance and anything about you excite about transportation.  The whole package deal is a good merchandise to see the value of this packages. Because different consumer got different needs like for personal, education, business, motorsports or bachelors cool stylish lifestyle. “This year’s Trans Sport Show has got to be extra special for our loyal patrons . Celebrating the 20th edition of the show means putting together  (in addition to the latest custom vehicles) iconic automobiles whose impact on car lovers defies age. “ says Sophie delos Santos, TSI President 

See this old Vintage Cars Some of them are familiar right? They are old according to history, remarkable winners with value and most of all expensive than your new car.
1976 Lancia Stratos – 1st Trans Sport Show Cup Best of Show winner in 1992. 
1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air – 2006 Trans Sport Show Cup Best of Show Winner
1963 JAGUAR XKE – 1997 Trans Sport Show Cup Best of Show winner. 
1964 PORSCHE 356C – The only entrant in the 4th Manila Sports Car Club Concours d’ Elegance coming all the way from Cebu.
1956 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing – 1996 Trans Sport Show Cup Best of Show Winner
1967 Toyota 2000GT –The 2000GT revolutionized the automotive world's view of Japan.

MINORU GOKO  -Professor, Nihon Automobile College Director · JARA, Japan Automotive Recyclers Association · Advanced Automotive Engineer, IMI in UK. 


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cool!! how much is the entrance fee??

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80 pesos sorry for late reply micci