Monday, April 11, 2011

Rock and Roll - “flavorite ng barkada”

I had a Rock n Roll experience house party last couple of weeks  with GSM Flavors- Themed "Ang Flavorite ng Barkada" We sing, play games, do the guitar, bands, online guitar games, groove and party at house.  Jeman bangs and wins the most invited blogkada.
“Drinking is a time that strengthens ties with your barkada, enjoying good company and conversation, as well as a time to simply enjoy the mere act of drinking, mixing drinks and ingredients to achieve a fiesta of flavors in your mouth,” said GSM Flavors Brand Manager, Jamby Caldo.

 Its good to take a shot sometime if you were celebrating victory with your friends and colleagues. Since I'm a Generba basketball fan wayback 90's. I witnessed how people from different places celebrate Genebra team basketball victory's excitement.

It comes in a stylish 700ml long neck in Apple and Lychee flavor. Alcohol proof of 35% is low so you can drink it smoothly @60 pesos affordable price at your favorite store nationwide.

Bloggers and online community enjoy the game and "kwentong lasing dugtungan" makes us all laugh.  Like the Ginebra Flavors page on Facebook and visit

 Lychee and Apple Light
 Usual Question to New Face Blogger "Anu Blog mu?"
 Rock n Roll FPJ and Middlechild on the Guitar
In this case we both sing hiphop, punk, OPM, classic, punk rock, classic and hard core rock in my case the Metallica. Cheers!!! Drink Moderately!!!
 Sample Recipe


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