Monday, March 28, 2011

Winning Eyeka International Competition

I just receive last week from eyeka email regarding our winning entry on microsoft previous competition. Well, its easy to win hundred of dollars to this competition. Then i realize with an organize knowledge we can regain our Filipino global competitiveness, creativity, guts and identity.

So its so easy to be a World Champion or Olympic Champion online. Instead of thinking or blaming our system, we can do more than that; to improve this and that by promoting winning advocacy in every feild of expertise. Lets focus on the solution than doing nothing at all or doing some blamestorming, crab mentality or whatsoever unproductive habit. Which is a total disaster or waste of time. Blogging thing like this is like Hoping sometime when i approach my fellowmen to join they won't say "ang hirap naman nyan", "hangang dito lng ako sa pinas" "takot ako sa foriegner". Well, that's the time i think that you need to raise the bar. You need to think and work beyond the box to execute the plan. Get Ready to the next challenge and extra mile further.

Genuine Winner's can easily compete with the world's best and brigthest people. I hope we made it to the finals you migth join as well and check our entry on coke they give $65, 0000 and microsoft 2nd competition $10, 000USD. You migth check it out thiers a lot of contest you may like our entry as well or give comment. And this blog is all about being in the winner's place no matter field you may you, you choose to be a part of the winning team.

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