Monday, January 3, 2011

Live Positively Swimming and Running

I had a chance to Run and Swim with Coke Live Positively Ambassador Carl. Who seems to be a vegetarian and live positively advocate. Ashely, Rochelle, Carl and Dr. J-an convinced me to be vegetarian. I have tried to but i still like to eat seafood, pork, meats, Peking duck and lamb. I've tried to be half vegetarian because i like the advocacy. I'm still confuse but i or we never know someday. Because i admire my former tkd instructor who seems to be a vegetarian. He's on his 50's but he looks like 30's. And he had a world record and a great body that most of the people desired to.

And it really feels so good to be physically active again. You can breath well, you can feel the tighten muscles and your fat being burned. After a tiring, exciting but fulfilling exercise which is good for the heart. I am active in sports way-back college as a Varsity in Taekwondo. Which given me free college and travel for four years. And keep me on fit ranging from 55-65kgs.

After a tremendous battle in college academically and physically. I was on mental battle in call center business for 6years... ohh boy my physical active lifestyle went down badly. I ballooned to super heavy weight of a whooping 96kgs. I got no more time to exercise and do the active daily things I've done before. Instead more boardroom and face the computer for more than 10 hours daily.

Man, i can sit up before 500 times but now only 50 times. I can run more than 15kms but now i was easily tired of 5k run-walk. I realized that you need to attract the person what you become. Its all in the state of mind on how to maintain balance healthy lifestyle. Because i believe healthy mind needs healthy body as well. But sometimes you were overcome by timidity or stress. If you were unhealthy you are prone to disease. But you need also to surround yourself to good people you want to become.

Before i was attracted and can compete very nicely with national athlete and world champions. But now i am attracted to more food and more office work. So my weight grows bigger and waistline is not appropriate now. My 6 pandesal belly became a 1 big siopao. I badly need a workout, good thing live positively icon encourage me to do it again. The thing i regularly do which i have almost taken for granted.

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