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Paskong Masaya, Sarap ng Pasko

Pasko in the Philippines is very remarkable because of its unique celebration. Families share the delicious Noche Buena together and exchange gifts afterwards. Even relatives from far places and OFW family members, travel to be on the greatest place on earth called Home just to share the simplest or grandest meal during the Christmas Noche Buena Kraft Eden captured that Filipino family value through their Sarap nang Pasko event which was the longest Christmas festival celebration ever. This joyful event brought together people of from 100 towns in our country in hopes of winning the grand prize worth two million pesos. 

Sarap ng Pasko with Eden for me is all about the goodness you feel when sharing food with your family and friends during Christmas. Kraft has given away 2 million worth of infrastructure to the town with the winning recipe which fortunately was what I voted for. It’s the Pininyahang Manok with Cheese of Guimbal, Iloilo that won and captured the Filipino taste buds. I voted for it because liked how the dish tasted and also because I’m an Illongo. Consolation prizes were also given to the recipe creators.

According to Mr. Alex Tacderas, Kraft Category Manager, the winning recipes will be printed on the box of Eden cheese so anyone can cook it. Sir Alex told us that they can do a simpler campaign by doing print ads and or TV commercials but they chose to do the hard part and launched Sarap nang Pasko instead because they wanted to feel the spirit of Christmas across the country and bring together folks as they come up with their original recipe. Also this is Eden’s way of saying thank you to all Filipino families for patronizing and supporting Kraft’s products over the years.

I am truly awed at how Kraft Eden showed the true meaning of KINDNESS and SHARING. The contest also gave hope to the charitable institution chosen by the winning towns. 

The Chef from Mica Culinary school is Preparing the 9th contest placer.
Which is a dish from Mandaluyong "Called Rio Cheese Delight"
 Chef Celina of Mica Culinary School
She also told us that she joined the tour and cook it across the country.
 St Felipe Parochial Church in Mandaluyong.
Santa and Youth Choir Were so Talented to Sing the Christmas Songs!
 Eden Everyday Sulit Booth
Gives Pandesal with Cheese
 Tang Booth gives a lot of Free Juice!

Umagang Kay Ganda was also live at St Felipe Parochial Church in Mandaluyong City, covering the Kraft Eden event. There were lots of spectators beside the church because of the Umagang Kay Ganda hosts and guests.  As part of the guests, we were also shown on national TV! It was truly a nice treat for us few hours before Christmas eve J
Umagang Kay Ganda Charismatic, Handsome and Pretty Celebrity-Host

Kraft and ABS CBN foundation gave them House and Gift Packs. Mrs. Ollet or Lola Ollet a Mother of 10 told me and Vince how thankful they are to all who supported the Charity and the Advocacy and how fortunate she feels that their family was chosen. She was with her 6 grand children during the event, all of which she sends to school to whatever little money she earns. She actually reminded me of my supportive Grandmother in the US who have more than 100 grandchildren here in the Philippines. She (lola Olet) even told us that as a way of saying thank you, the entire Olet family gives 1000 hours of community service.
I also found out that Vince like me; do some charity like feeding programs and medical missions. Christmas for me is all about giving and helping the helpless.

Chef Celina told us she can cook more than 1000 Eden Recipes (talk about loyalty!). She already cooked more than a hundred across the country during the Sarap nang Pasko With Eden. The Chef was so confident when she enumerated the 9 winning recipes.
 Blogger Carl and Media Asks Question to Chef Celina 
 9th Place Winning Recipe From Mandaluyong City.
"Called Rio Cheese Delight" 
Close Up! Sarap!
Paskong Masaya with Eden!
Blogger Carl and Leah with Rica
Eden House Benifeciary, Mrs. Ollet, Lucky Lola with Apo's

This youth choir sings gracefully, makes this live Kraft Eden Christmas Event wonderfull. 

Anna Sapitan (left in blue) the Kraft Eden's Senior Brand Manager
Together with Sir Alex, Anna is the mastermind of this event. Her main goal was to unify Filipino families and share together good food and share the blessings with charitable institutions.
Food Expert Chef Celine,  Anna in Blue and Alex
The people behind the successful 3-month-long National Christmas Event
Thanks also to Ms. Janette Toral.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL!!!

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