Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hyundai FIFA World Cup winning slogans

Its the time of Glory that every country chanting for!
Cheering for Glory...
As Countries bring home the glory..
And the the Beacon of the Greatest Soccer in the World..
The Fifa World Cup!!!
Enjoy the big event with ZAKUMI

We remember the great slogans of every hero, artist and leaders.
As we remember our winning slogans...for our country
This is Soccer for the Glory of Sports!

Winning Country Slogan in English
Shout and Cheer this very very loud as a Super Rock-star!!!

Algeria Star and crescent with one goal: Victory!

Argentina Last stop: Glory

Australia Dare to Dream, Advance Australia

Brazil The whole of Brazil is in here!

Cameroon The Indomitable Lions are back

Chile Red is the blood of my heart, Chile will be Champion

CoteD Ivoire Elephants, let’s fight for victory!

Denmark All you need is a Danish team and a dream

England Playing with Pride and Glory

France All together for a new dream in blue

Germany On the road to get the Cup!

Ghana The hope of Africa

Greece Greece is everywhere!

Honduras One Country, One passion, 5 Stars in the heart

Italy Italian Azzurro on African sky

Japan The Samurai spirit never dies! Victory for Japan!

Korea DRP 1966 again! Victory for DPR of Korea!

Mexico It is time for a new champion!

Netherlands Don’t fear the big five, fear the Orange eleven

New Zealand Kickin’ it Kiwi style

Nigeria Super Eagles super fan united we stand

Paraguay The Guarani lion roars in South Africa!

Portugal One dream, one purpose… Portugal victorious!

of Korea The Shouts of Reds, United Republic of Korea

Serbia Play with the heart, lead with a smile!

Slovakia Shake the green field: Go Slovakia!

Slovenia With eleven brave hearts to the end

South Africa One nation, proudly united under one rainbow

Spain Hope is my road, victory my destiny

Switzerland Hopp Schwiiz! – "Hop Suisse!" – "Forza Svizzera!" – "C’mon Switzerland!"

Uruguay The sun shines upon us. Go Uruguay!

USA Life,Liberty, and the Pursuit of Victory!



Scott Robarge said...

Nice Article! Thanks for sharing with us.
Scott Robarge

Scott Robarge said...

Nice Article! Thanks for sharing with us.
Scott Robarge