Saturday, April 24, 2010

WIN THIS: Eco-friendly hamper from Human Nature

WIN THIS: Eco-friendly hamper from Human Nature



Be Planet Earth’s angel and use products that are not only good for you, but for the world we all live in. Human Nature, a personal care line built by Anna Meloto-Wilk with her husband Dylan Wilk and sister, Camille Meloto, uses raw materials sourced locally with recyclable packaging to help lessen the burden on the environment.
With a product line that has expanded to include hair and body care and a range for kids as well, Human Nature contains only essential oils, cocoa butter, virgin coconut oil and sugarcane alcohol, all natural and organic ingredients that are also Earth-friendly. is giving away a Human Nature gift set! Here’s how to win:
Send your name and contact details to with the subject title: HUMAN NATURE and answer the question:
What eco-friendly acts do you practice in your daily life?
Send your entry on or before 12 midnight of May 15, 2010 to get a chance to win. Winner will be announced on May 17, 2010. 

See my Sample Entry:

Please see my Entry:

What Eco-friendly acts do you practice in your daily life?

My Act is to walk if the place is less than 3km to save fuel.
I replace the bulb and lights into energy saving lamps.
I check my faucet and recycled laundry and dish washing water for garden use.
I plant trees and veges to my backyard.
I attend symposium and seminar about green living and apply it.
I patronize and promote Eco friendly products like Human Nature
to my family, friends and to all people i interact.
I recycled papers, plastics cans and other solid waste.


Jayson R. Biadog

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Charley29 said...

i am also an eco-friendly.. this is one of the best blog i've ever read. hope that more people can drop by on this page. keep it up.