Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Record Player 007 Sound Tracks @ Guitarcenter.com

I like classic sounds it reminds me of classic Bond soundtracks playlist. Lets start with gold-finger as we play golf. Then Spectre, next is the Bond Theme orchestra style, diamonds are forever,you only live twice then from Russia with love and so on and so forth.  Is it amazing classic playlist of an adopted Briton fan like me?

The original price of  model TEAC TN-200 Belt Drive Record Player with USB Output is Php 15 979, but if you take a lot at guitarcenter.com site right now. Which is one of the world largest instrument online retailer. Its running around Php 10 652 with more than 5000 pesos savings. Which is a good deal for the music fans. 

So you may enjoy the full range of Vinyl classics and reissues. It has a built in Pre Amp that provide line outs to almost any sound-system. Its USB output can be used for recording software to archive you vinyl collection and add it to you mobile device playlist.

Features: Belt-drive turntable, Built-in MM phono equalizer with USB output, Phono, line, and USB outputs. High-performance MM cartridge included, Easy transfer music from vinyl to Mac or PC over USB, Aluminum die-cast platter. 

Anti-skating design, 2-speed (33-45RPM), Dense composite wood construction for better vibration and resonance control and Stylish flat black chassis. Find your sound gadgets consumer electronics and recording players best discounted deals options at guitarcenter.com

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