Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Mentally and Physically Fit SunLife X Fitness First Go Well

Fitness First and Sunlife financial teamed up together to help more Filipinos back on track. When it comes to health and wealth lifestyle in balance via GoWell program. As a former member of Sunlife and Fitness First 8-9 years ago, I can say that they have a good tandem. Whether your an pro or amateur athlete of just simple gym or fitness advocate. 

This is one of the good avenue in depth of detailed understanding. Why finance and health matters. I think these can apply in physical x financial detailed knowledge. And it doesn't matter how heavy your finances or how sexy/muscular your body is. Like an elite pro athlete does they have dozens on consultants from dietitian, different specialize coach to trainers. Same goes here they discussed everything diet, lifestyle, food, workouts, events etc. 

Its website gowell.com.ph promotes wellness and fitness content articles from experts. Such as fitness instructions, workout, yoga and food articles for free even if your not a member. Community workouts are offered for gowell gold members are for free in fitness first branches.

A series of workout made by GoWell Ambassador Bubbles Paraiso and Fitness First Ambassador Chris Everingham will be release regularly. Via gowell website to encourage more people from social media to get fit. As they promote holistic approached to be fit, balanced diet and in active lifestyle.
Mark Ellis Country manager if Fitness First, Sunlife CEO Riza Mantaring and Jaymie Pizarro Sunlife Marketing Manager talks about their motivation in going to gym, getting fit and running. Mark said its to attract opposite sex at first but in the long run its all about healthy living. 

While Jaymie starts running at 30+ together with Riza who loves to run marathons all over the world. Jaymie also showed us detailed statistics when it comes to financial statistics.  And discussed things about financial literacy in preparation for brighter future. 

”With both Sun Life and Fitness First committed to being the Filipinos’ partner in their health and wellness journey, the possibility in the horizon definitely looks exciting,” Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa said “We aim to spark the Filipinos’ enthusiasm to pursue their fitness goals and they can look forward to more initiatives from this partnership.”

“Teaming up with Sun Life and its GoWell program is a natural fit as we share the same vision to help every Filipino go further in life through health and wellness. Health is indeed wealth and we are glad to share our core expertise to as many Filipinos as possible through this partnership,” he said. 

But apart from health and wellness, the partnership will also promote financial literacy. Select Fitness First members will receive Personal Accident Insurance from Sun Life, while financial literacy sessions will be conducted for Fitness First instructors. 

“Apart from achieving their fitness goals, the partnership with Sun Life will help secure our members and also educate our employees in financial literacy, both of which are significant in attaining a well-balanced life,” Ellis added. 

“Health and wealth go hand and hand, and we’re happy that collaborating with Fitness First will also give us a new venue to promote financial literacy,” Lopa added. So, Visit the site and get perks and tip to be Mentally and Physically Fit SunLife X Fitness First Go Well program.

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