Thursday, August 4, 2016

Best Videographer, Graphic Artist and Director in Manila Creative Goal Productions

The first time I meet Gabby Tanjuan Gonzales in Rio, Last Fifa World Cup. He was directing and doing shoot for us. But he need to catch up the next day to San Paulo for another shoot. Which is a couple of hours flight at we stay in Ipanema to Enjoy the Beach and worlds wonder. The guy was on demand world cup iconic brand partners hitting 2 birds at the same time back n fort.

Why? Because the quality of his works. Which I truly believe that people will chase you if you got a stupendous creation. A year after our that I saw him again in Yamaha Racing living and talking about the great life. 

Besides world champions and iconic brands. Doing great shots in Tokyo Motor Show and Silverstone, UK GT Academy.  Visit his works here called Creative Goal Productions sounds like Don King, One Race, Great Tech Video or Mayweather sports Productions. 

We talked about his media connections outside the country and future gigs. Who knows we might again do another taping and great action adventure again after our flamboyant life Ipanema soul to goal in Brazil. Pitbull, JLo, Shakira hold the press this is our moment ole ola..Now I know its hard to be a celebrity and do a lot of shoots with top TV media ABS staff. hoya! 

If you need great visuals and cool project don't hesitate to message the men who delivered world class visuals and witty results. Cheers for those who do Gab! We've got a Team..Keep it up!

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