Saturday, June 11, 2016

RX International Events Launch @ Makati Shang

RX International Events and Marketing Company had its company launch at Sage Bar, Makati Shangrila Hotel last 28th of May 2016. As it pushes its passion for event management education and professionalization. So get ready to educate yourself to manage and run the most exciting and memorable events of our lifetime.

Big and small company's are into events nowadays. RX  remains supportive  to raise the bar of excellence in maximizing the impact of event market. Various academic sectors offers programs, courses, trainings and seminars on event management.
Marissa Sy, Past District Gov Lions Clubs Intl-District 301-A1, Hilda Ong, Radio broadcaster, Jameson Dy, Director Chinese Gen hospital and his wife, James Sy, President of Chinese Gen hospital and his wife. Photos RX FB Fanpage 

During the launch RX discussed its future events and events demographics inside and outside the country. Dr Sy Told me they recently have-organized big event that has more than 500 participants. As well as the upcoming #Rafthon this August 2016 in Cagayan de Oro which compost of raft, bike and run. 

Something different and unusual kind of sporting and travel event. So we did cheers with truffle soup on wine glass for that. As the diamond of the kitchen fungus rare ingredient mixed with appetizer soup. As event lovers continue to sharpen its likes. Lets do Truffle Cheers on that!   

Prior to the launch we enjoyed the classical gorgeous sound Jazz music. And musical performance at Sage Bar. And rounds of fine cocktail and service food served. As we celebrate the vision of dynamic mind and strategic marketing communication solution defined by RX Team. 


RX International Events and Marketing Consultancy Co. (RX International) was formed with a mission to integrate global standards in the implementation of events and marketing programs available in the Philippines.

At the helm of the company are two professionals who both share the passion for community service and the advocacy for event education and professionalism. Dr. Robert C. Sy, a surgeon by profession, is a philanthropist and international organizational leader. 

Working alongside Dr. Sy is the dynamic visionary and scholar Xialeemar “Xiameer” Valdeavilla, PgD, MBA who has spent more than a decade in the events and marketing industry.

And has created several local and international acclaimed projects geared toward the promotion of leadership, community service and education development. 

She holds an MBA from the London School of Marketing, an associate college of Anglia Ruskin Unversity, UK, and a Post-graduate Diploma in Event Management and Public Relations from the Fitzwilliam Institute Group, London.

Dr. Sy and Ms. Valdeavilla envision RX International as a company that fuses art with the science of a real event and marketer expert and thru the launch of our company, we are hoping to jumpstart the campaign for event management education and professionalization in the Philippines.

“We offer customized services that are creative by nature, marketable in scale, and can propose an attainable return of investment for our clients,” Ms. Valdeavilla enthuses. “At the same time, we also want to propagate event management education and professionalization in our country.”

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