Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Dee Girls: World-Class Entertainment at the Tourism Lifestyle and Business Expo

For being a very successful and well-attended event this summer, the Tourism Lifestyle and Business Expo was held for the second time at the Glorietta Activity Center on May 9 to 11, and this time, the event got a lot better, and hotter, with the special participation of the DeeGirls providing quality entertainment for the huge crowd of the event.

The Dee Girls, a new all-female group of world-class entertainers from Jimmy Dee Productions, aims to delight even the most discerning audience who looks for better alternatives than the common twerking, booty-shaking and lap-dancing sexy moves that we see from most girl groups. 

Though the Dee Girls can equally please you with the same sensual and playful tease if they want to, they can also do several other classy and stylish acts that would perfectly satisfy even the most critical crowd. To entertain their audience with all their heart will be the ultimate goal for each member of the all-female group.

I could still remember how the crowd suddenly got bigger when the Dee Girls stepped up on stage and performed. The Dee Girls were a big hit that night as a lot of spectators suddenly flocked the Glorietta Activity Center to witness the girls dancing while wearing their flattering Polynesian outfits during the first part of their hour-long performance, which was immediately followed by two Hip Hop numbers on the second part of the show.

I heard a lot of “wows” and “whoahs” from both my left and right as the audience was obviously enthralled with the Dee Girls performances. Both men and women admired how the Dee Girls almost flawlessly rendered their dance numbers on stage. It was also very evident that even the host of the show could not contain his excitement meeting the Dee Girls during the interview portion especially when the Dee Girls mentioned that they could also do J-Pop. 

Does this mean we might be seeing the Dee Girls soon wearing Japanese-inspired outfits, or maybe cosplaying popular anime characters while they do their dance and song routines? Why not? Kawaii!!!!

Congratulations to Lea Ibanez, Nicole Nasayao, Tin Oco, Mary Rose Romualdez, Mariane Brenda Bordador, and Glyza Ibanez for the fabulous performances. They were all so vibrant and full of energy on stage that I swear I could almost see spotlights all focused on them throughout their acts.

The Dee Girls was formally launched by Jimmy Dee Productions as a group a few days ago last April 27, but each member had several experiences on their own or as a member of other bands and dance groups. The launch was held at Merci Restaurant & Bar in 83 Timog Avenue, South Triangle Tomas Morato, Quezon City, and was attended by several members of the media.

Jimmy Dee Productions aims to discover and train naturally talented young females to achieve their rightful place among the popular entertainers of the world. They give dreamers the opportunity to shine and impress a global audience starting with the Philippines, then to Guam, Hawaii, Las Vegas and the Asia Pacific, and even to Hollywood, as the girls can really make it as among the top-notch entertainers.

A bright future is definitely set for these young and vibrant ladies as they continue to eagerly rock our world, the universe rather, with their undeniably intense performances at their upcoming events soon.

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Rich Mind said...

Thanks Jayson! The Dee Girls are destined for greatness!