Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bloggys Blog Awards

Last month I was at awards night, in which they award various niche bloggers who stand our from its field. From dozens of categories from lifestyle, travel and sports etc. I browse at those finalist sites, I consider them as winner already. 

Being judged by those credible bloggys judges/jury in social media-PR field. But for me as one of awards spectator, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I saw great blog post and area of my interest whose not part of the awards. But I realize that those finalist and winners did a great job on its post as well.By browsing and learning from each unique site of interest.

Congrats to my fellow bloggers like wazzup pilipinas and passionate online influencers for doing its best. Your effort was being noticed and recognize. Even those busy bloggers whose not present in the awarding ceremony itself. Makes me remember of those people who just don't talk or blog. 

But instead follow the motto of "just do it". Like those travel bloggers whose busy traveling when the award came. Or even those who covered events or just simply write at home. Even those lifestyle blogger whose doing its passion and not present during the awarding ceremony itself.

Blogging just like a famous basketball or race event championship its a season. You can't just make one or several blog post a month. Its a whole year or even a lifetime passion. But for me for as long as those coolest events on earth was happening I will never stop blogging.

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