Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Action Sport Travel #WONDERFUL

My world of wonders begins on action sport travel.  To explore those greatest sporting and coolest main event on planet. I spent my younger years in a gym and sporting hall daily. So up until now I still like main sporting activities. I'm fortunate and feel #wonderful to see live the grandest Fifa World Cup, f1 finale, 911 race, Singapore GP, Asian palm challenge and several international sporting event. 
But still like more like the MGM main boxing event. Wimbledon, Nascar, WSOP, PGA Tour, Olympics, LeMans, Superbowl, Motor Show and Several World Sport main event  Championship happening in the planet. It's like a drug that I'm kind of addicted to those greatest sporting and coolest events on planet.
What excites me about this blog competition is the Hobbit movie. The wonderful magnificent view creation and setting in New Zealand. As well as the Haka performed by those kick ass NZ Rugby players. Those were unique and awesome place. Can't forget how they intimidate the opponents during crucial final competition and excites those super fans.
Even as a blogger I like to experience to cover and experience events like  Hollywood Red Carpet,  Euro-trail,  Glastonbury, Carnival, NASA, Tomorrowland (im a Trans Garrix, Calvin fan), Coachella Music Festival also visit lots of 007 James Bond travel action movie scenes. 
I want to experience live what I've seen on TV and Hollywood movies. In the meme above, I put wolverine that represent my younger years marvelous adventure action packed cartoon character. Instill on my younger blood. And thirst for action adventure life. 
MayPac as the most memorable sporting fight I've even seen. I was cheering on Pacman side, but when TMT win I became a fan. I can't just ignore the technique. And the grandest Monaco f1, I like to see the roaring mighty f1 engine race in this glamorous place. 
The Monaco glitz tour will surely fulfill my iron man travel lifestyle appetite. I like to do boating, jet pack, diving and helicopter tour at this grandest historical place before or after the historical race. See the motor show, technology,  casino, fashion and jewelry exhibit. Also party like a rock-star after to enjoy the wonderful life.
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