Sunday, April 26, 2015

You have MediCard – Why worry

Some may lost all savings when health disaster arise. Nobody likes it even me, I don't like to go to hospital or clinic or to check even if you give me a million health free coverage. But If unusual tragic would come it may cause financial burden or trauma. 

I've seen thru my parents, friends and other people. Sometimes they are helpless. Im usually careless about it before because I think I'm athletic and healthy. Until I saw PBA legend Samboy Lim collapsed while playing basketball or healthy athletic people I used to know got hospitalized suddenly. 

Or ridiculous Canadian couple get roughly $1 million dollar hospital bill after giving birth while having vacation in Hawaii last year. I think this health disaster will bankrupt your hard earn money. Or savings in your entire career even put your family's name on mountain of debt. I saw some who got big C.

Unexpectedly mostly during summer like this season. I saw somebody who's young-healthy with dextrose on facebook or social media. I feel quite scared that unexpected health problem may arise on mine or family case. I'm prepared financially or no worries. Because I can always have expert to cure any health problem.  So, I better get insured with reliable health company like Medicard.  

It has affordable designed for employed or self employed individuals. It may look impractical for a healthy person like me. But we all quite confident we have strong building, house, business or office. Until a fire, ondoy or yolanda came unexpectedly. 

You see the facts below:

- MediCard is one of the pioneers in the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) industry, established in May, 1987

- It is also one of the founding members of AHMOPI –Association of Health Maintenance Organizations of the Philippines

- It is the only HMO run and founded by doctors

- Its members have access to more than 40,000 accredited doctors, specialists and dentists in almost 1,000 accredited hospitals and clinics nationwide

- It is the first HMO awarded with ISO certification in the Asia Pacific Region

- It offers a comprehensive healthcare coverage to its members from hospitalization, outpatient, preventive, emergency, member’s financial assistance and dental services

- It will celebrate its 28 th year of strength in the industry this May, 2015

For more exp see hashtags  #28Years #MediCard #MediCardPhils #HMO or visit them Twitter @medicardinc Instagram – MEDICARDPHILS

Why MediCard members feel secured that their health is cared. Totally covered f by one of the strongest in the industry for the past 28 years. So if we  have MediCard – Why worry? 

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