Sunday, March 1, 2015

Best of Boxing Floyd Vs Manny 2015

I wonder why Money Floyd talks about that he is one of the greatest pound for pound boxer. Manny seems to be a humbled Champion. But when I take a look at Boxing over the decades. Its not all about being strong, aggressive, defensive or fastest all the time. Money Floyd defended that for 16 yrs while most of the winning title credentials belongs to Pacman.

Sometime you just need to use your head 100% all the time to win. The Great Dela Hoya, Trinidad, Tyson, Ali, Hopkins and Roy Jones was beaten. By strategy, which is technically used with the rigth timing at the right time by each opponents.  

If you take a look closely at video Floyd were a great defensive player and a good businessman while Manny was very fast aggressive and talented player. This would be a great sporting event this year. I wish I could see them live. One of my bucket list after I've watched Fifa and F1 Finale live. May the Best Win! Goodluck!! Let's get ready to rumble on May 2, 2015. For the greatest sporting event of our lifetime.

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