Saturday, February 14, 2015

Skin Philosophie Clinic at BGC

Some people likes great skin complexion, wants to go to UK or even hang out with British super model date partner. But when It comes to understanding the Hollywood celebrity skin looks like. Some fav actors-actresses spends lots of time and grands just have great skin completion. To satisfy fans crave and it doesn't matter if  your color looks like Bradgelina, DongYan, Coco, John Lloyd, JayZ, Denzel,  Rihanna, Leonardo, Rosamund or Gal Gadot. 

Skin Philosophie give the chance for everybody to have a perfect tan, whitening or even pimple, wrinkle or acne free lawless skin. Skin is a big head-turner also it can cause great confidence to ones career even love life. Everybody has a local or foreign dream to look like. Even me I was thinking Bieber when I still got Hair and Statham-Willis when it started to get bald.

Its the fact that people think that dream hollywood-ABS-GMA skin like is expensive for most people. One of the Skin artist at Fort Strip, BGC Skin Philosophie Clinic - Dr Kyla Talens UK trained pro believe as a living proof to that big skin transformation. Like the butterfly life cycle. Last week her mom shows her previous unnoticed school pictures to glam career woman type.

The morale of unpleasant skin affects everybody's life. Mostly teenage where feelings are critical. During my HS and College days people with pimples got heavy bully fans. Those scenarios can be cured with the help of skin professionals. In case of Dr Talens, her clinic uses state of the art facilities from UK like Palumar Lux R. Watch out for my next blog post bout my hair or skin treatment

She said "As an Aesthetic Doctor and a graduate of Psychology, I have to address the patients skin concern in conjunction with their psychological, emotional and social well-being to improve their over-all quality of life."        
If you sign up from this blog. They and  I'll give you bonus 10% discount on all its regular services. Plus you'll get free aesthetic consultation or assessment except for pathological cases. Just let them know when you walk in or call for an appointment. 

So, Visit Skin Philosophie at the 3rd Floor of The Fort Strip,  8th St. Cor 7th Ave, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or you may text or call 0917 886 0646 for appointment. I am an accredited online lead generator for Skin Philosophie Skin Care Programs. #skinpholosophie

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