Saturday, October 25, 2014

Laundry Business in the Philippines

If you were thinking of a Laundry Business in the Philippines. Aside from location, resources and marketing. You may consider those 3 words like Intelligent, Stylish and Reliable. 

Van of LG Philippines told me that as long as we wear clothes Laundry business services will serve as a commodity. The 10.2 kg front load washer and dryer would last for 5 years or more of active use. Some of it uses gas to maximize electricity cost. 

They provide training and over all support for your laundry business. But when it come to quality LG already prove it with its previous customers. Mostly those laundry businesses operating in Metro Manila. 

Maintaining minimum of 20 customer a month in a certain barangay, housing, street, condo or community. With a minimum of 10 kilos is a good ROI or profit already.

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