Sunday, September 7, 2014

Uratex with Team Kramer #3generations #itrustU

We spent 1/3 of our everyday-life sleeping. Made me think that a good night sleep as a basic need or  commodity. After a hard days work or activity everybody deserves a unique sleeping solution. I've tried to sleep with various mattresses. From double bed, campers to king size. Of course we all like to sleep in a mattress like a five star hotel

But as a Uratex user I find this brand outstanding. Of course everybody deserves a great silky smooth good night sleep. take a look at Team Kramer one the most popular couple in the country. A famous basketball player married and a heart-rub celebrity. Blessed with energetic 3 angels. Talks a lot about its bedtime and biblical stories to this kids. 
Sleep is essential to all family members regardless of age. To help prepare for tomorrows productivity, workload or school activities. The average adult sleeping hours is around 6-8 hours but I did 10-12 hours sometimes. I reached 20 hours before but the classic is good for 2 days..haha

Well, that's what happens once in a blue moon if your trying to beat deadlines. Going back, Uratex after 4 decades this company pursue its passion for excellence like its adherence to ISO-9001 and use of Quali 5 Cellular technology aside from usage of best raw materials. 

Reason why Readers digest awarded it as the best trusted brand for the past 6 consecutive years. So as Uratex understand costumer like me sleeping needs, in my dream i give you a 2 thumbs up. #3generations #itrustU        

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