Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another Me - For things and Gadget

We all think and like things differently. If you would take a look at somebody on the way they dress, act and think. You would know recognize the things that they like.

In my case I like this LG G3 because I need to replace my old LG L3 phone. Which i purchased to SM Cyberzone 2 years ago. Although im already familiar with the brand quality and user interface. I like LG brand because its one of the biggest support of the sport I like, which is the Formula 1. 

Since my work in the BPO industry is closing a deal in the US. I like this phone to replicate another me. Looks good (in a handsome suit), slim (classy), top of the line (latest), long battery hours (more than a day), can do multi tasking (call conference), great multimedia colors (5.5 QHD screen), big storage (32 gig) user friendly (great respected reviews) latest android 4.4 and functions well. 

Same as the New York Times review above. One of the most respectable outstanding publication in the business world. Also, see my favorite line below of one of my favorite TV series Suits. 

One of my favorite series best line/scenario, A tribute to best closer of Wall Street. Which I like to act and think that way.

Harvey Specter: We're gonna need to streamline this. Give each guy a hard time before you send them back. Give me a wink if they say something clever. Cool?
Donna Paulsen: Okay. What are you looking for?
Harvey Specter: Another me. 

So you see Harvey is looking for another replicate of himself. A smart ass who stand by itself. Smart enough who can defend and sell himself in the global market. 

While Im looking for smart ass latest phone that I used everyday that will affect my business lifestyle. So I can see myself as Harvey closing deals using this phone. Either browsing the net, blogging texting or cold calling. So how about you, what are the features you are looking for a phone? or a gadget?

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