Sunday, December 22, 2013

Live Art at Greenfield District - Edsa Central

Both Amateur and Pro Artist joined the Greenfield District Art Fair. They show to the public how creative they are in performing the live art. Located at Edsa-Central, just beside Edsa Shangrila Mall. You may see different cultures as artist paint its masterpiece. Like Jordan if you a NBA sport lover, Michael Jackson - John Lennon - Hendrix for Musicians kind of artist. 

Religious, Nature and Family portrait were also available. So if you appreciate the beauty of Art then this is one of a kind on the spot event for you. More than hundreds of artist join this event. They even perform the art on street using chalk. And talk about their own art, while some of the pro's gain recognition in the international art arena. 

Although I'm not more of an art person, I just appreciate the creativeness of this folks. The venue is ideal for family bonding or get together. To breath fresh air from the Metro. While doing Art window shopping in the middle of art creation. Some of the exhibitors were national artist and had boutique on mall. But its good to see this art in an open field like art in park. to see more of the event highlights read Az Blog Here.

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