Thursday, November 28, 2013

Its Time for My Next Timex Adventure Series

After watching the video above, I made a choice to choose this Timex hero which is is the Timex® Adventure Series™ Linear Indicator Chronograph with Intelligent Quartz™ Technology. Because of this features that fits my personality. With attractive design of the most innovative action packed timepieces. A part of classy Timex Group men's delight. Which is the US King of watches in terms of volume. Not to mention the excellent quality since I'm still using my Timex Marathon model past 7 years and counting.

Like I'm a Fast n Furious' Snappy Navy Top Gun Airborne Guy. So, its 100 Meters Water Resistant suits Mr. Bond versatility over Air, Land, Sea and Water world adventures even more juicier. For the world is not enough with out best watches.  Because, every adrenaline militarized action junkie like me desires this kind of great watch creation. Which is delicate to most precise time, as time or milliseconds counts to win the race. Either running or any sport that required speed buzzer beater.
Such as white water rafting, wind boat sailing and extreme water  adrenaline adventures. The Black dial with Neon Color Accents looks good and represents kryptonite energy to hit the hard rock n roll lights for my active cutoff-throat lifestyle like the ultimate measure of man, speed and machine which is the Formula 1 Racing apart from Olympics, World Cup or Pro Boxing or Basketball. Watchatink @NuffnangPH? Whats the time again? So Its the Time for My Timex Adventure Series. 

In which faultless error is nothing, that precision really matters. Black Genuine Silicon Strap to keep me strong and look energetic. Lastly, its Stainless Steel Case with Black Finish represents the iron inside me. Tougher shoulders during tough times, which don't last. For Ironman's counter rebut off metal mask "Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist" power-quote over Captain America heroism underdog mask. So two thumbs up for this intelligent @TimexPH for my next #TimexHeroes 

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