Wednesday, September 11, 2013

World Entertainment Twist

As you see the latest shocking behavior of Miley Cyrus gets the world attention. All I can say is that its the World Entertainment Twist. She can't be as artistic as Gaga does. 

But if she will not do those things she may out of the star limelight. I used to watched Hannah Montana before and like her Party in the USA. This Disney girl were one of my crush before but her last performance turned me off. 

But after that I just understand that she's an artist. And a professional artist would do such shocking behavior to get world attention. But as professional is totally sometimes different from real life. Agree? I think even Hollywood actors just do such a thing as a pro.

She was not as in like 2 years ago same with Bieber's peak performance or last years Psy billion hit. Nor Justine, Westlife, NSync, Britney even Spice girls rock the world 10 or 15  years ago.  

So lets see how this young artist protect their title and name in the next couple of years? Like in WWE this is entertainment. Entertainment, Like boxing or f1 as business. We hype you enjoy then we disappoint those fans for latter plan.

In the meantime i enjoyed the remix music video of Daniel Kim 2010-2012, Pitbull, Pump Up Kicks, Goyte, Jagger and One Direction. Hopefully the world will produce much more talented creative artist like them. So put your hand in the Air! That's the Twist!

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