Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gatsby Deo Aqua for Men

At first that you heard the word Gatsby, Men's Gel and Hair Cosmetics comes to my mind. Until they launch the Deodorant Aqua double protection 2 weeks ago in SM Makati. Ideal for Philippines humid and tropical condition. It has a long lasting fragrance when i tried, it melts in your skin with fruity scent and have been using it past days. 

A combination of Triclosan and o-Cymen-5-OL plus liquid ingredients that eliminate body odor. Available at all Watson's nationwide that come up with Cold Citrus, Ice Fruity, Fresh Soap, Happy Breeze, Marine, Aquatic Blue and Crush Citrus Scents. Made by world renowned Mandom Corporation.
Gel waiting for my long hair, Facial Wash Scrub and Cold Refreshing Citrus Deodorant.  Ideal for outdoor and active activities for men active lifestyle.

Active sport Football like Dance Kinect Style, if you sweat a lot its  a better protection to stay fresh and stay cool as swabe..
Available in Watson's Stores in SM, so stay clean and fresh..
Good for All Ages as to eliminate and prevent body odors
 My Super Guts B Travel Adventure Team Backpack Gear

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