Friday, November 9, 2012

Real or Fake: Are There Really Psychics?

Do you believe in psychics? Do you believe that some people can see into the past or the future or that they can speak to the dead? Whether you believe or not, the myriad shows about them are interesting to watch, to say the least, and can be very educational about psychology and even sociology. 

There are many popular shows around and most will never become household names, but there are a few that are actually quite famous. Theresa Caputo is one of those famous psychics, possibly one of the top five most famous to be exact.

TLC: Launching a New Series

TLC has long had a history of interesting series, featuring people from all walks of life in their natural settings. Now entering its third season, the show Long Island Medium, follows Theresa and her family as she goes through her day to day life, speaking to clients and tending to her husband and children. The show is one of the top rated on the channel and has sparked nationwide interest in Caputo, her talents and her live appearances.

Theresa Caputo tickets are often hard to come by because of her overwhelming popularity, but if you're interested in the paranormal she is a very entertaining psychic to follow.

Caputo's Fame Goes Big Time

They say that you can tell how famous you are by how many people are willing to make fun of you. When Saturday Night Live took their jibes at her psychic abilities, she could say that she had "made it". In addition, she was featured in a television commercial speaking to a "client" while the woman's husband rolls his eyes and scoffs about the whole thing.

Do You Believe in Psychics?

Sitting in the audience as a skeptic may be an interesting experience. There are diehard fans and loyal believers who are so overjoyed that they will never be swayed to think any other way. And, there are those who would not believe in Caputo's abilities if their own dead grandmothers plopped down into their laps upon her command. 

But at her shows there is an atmosphere in the audience that nearly takes over the whole place. You might not believe in psychic abilities, but you can't deny that there is something almost electric in the venue. Caputo knows that there are doubters, even in her own audiences, but she never lets it bother her at all. She just keeps going on and ignoring those who are scoffing, rolling their eyes and sighing.

Caputo is obviously not the first of these psychics. There have been entertainer/psychics for as long as there have been written histories. Many soothsayers back through the ages have claimed to have the gift of ESP and others have been suspected of it. Of course, many of those people were also abused and even killed for those nebulous talents back in the Dark Ages. 

Modern psychics may not live in fear of being burned at the stake, but they face critics and doubters just the same. Theresa Caputo professes that her gifts are real, whether you want to believe her or not, and goes on delivering messages from the dead to her clients, all with her very recognizable Long Island accent.

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