Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Build and Protect Your Online Reputation

Although there are many good tactics you can use to build an online business, your competitors and dissatisfied customers may be destroying your reputation. Your success will depend on your reputation and repeat customers. Satisfied customers who return to your website enhance your reputation and increase your profit. 

Attracting Customers and Placing Orders
The first step in building your business is to attract customers to your website. An attractive website that makes it easy for customers to locate and buy the items they want is essential. Time is as important to customers as it is to you. The purpose of any business is to sell quality products and satisfy customers.

Shipping and Receiving Products
Entrepreneurs and managers should constantly check the efficiency of supply chain management. The ideal is to ship items one day after orders are placed. Inventory items should be replaced before any item is sold out. If you are selling seasonal items, your customers do not want to wait a year to wear their new clothes.
Customer Service
People who work in customer service should be patient and knowledgeable. Customers who are trying to assemble products may sometimes overlook the simple step. Consequently, a technician who is instructing customers may be frustrated to the point that he or she says something derogatory. The customer will never buy anything else from you, and you've earned your bad review.

Sales Returns and Allowances
Every online business will experience customers returning merchandise. Your reputation can be built or destroyed by your policy. Most successful businesses allow customers to return items without questions. Items may be returned for refund or exchanged, and your attitude in dealing with the customer builds or destroys your reputation.

Monitoring Your Reputation
Since every business transaction is an opportunity to build or destroy your reputation, you should monitor your online reputation with has the software and staff to monitor posts by competitors or dissatisfied customers, and they deal with these posts immediately.
In addition, false and misleading information may be posted in press releases. When false or misleading information is found, you should immediately contact the poster to correct the false information. If the poster refuses to correct the post, you may need a court order to delete it.

Since your online reputation is constantly changing, you should monitor and protect it.

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