Monday, July 2, 2012

3 Leading-Edge Online Services for the Economically Savvy

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Spending more may imply that you are getting the best value for your money. But nowadays, this is no longer the case. If you look really hard and sift through readily available information, there are products and services that give you the same value as their costly counterparts, making the most out of your hard-earned money. And if you are a person who is always on the lookout for great deals, here are three leading-edge online services that are worth a try:

Since the dawn of online ticketing and low-cost airfares, air travel has never before been so revolutionized. But what has been intended to be convenience to consumers has proven to be a burden, especially when searching for the best deals. Consumers have to go through multiple websites to find the deal they most need. This is because competition among airlines has become so stiff that most airlines opt to confine their best and cheapest deals into their own websites and partner third-party sites, instead of price-comparison websites to prevent competitors from getting their hands on their prospective customers.

If you're an economically-savvy individual always on the lookout for the best and cheapest flights for either your business travel needs or even a quick getaway, with, it's time to say goodbye to rummaging through countless airline and flight deal sites. This powerful search engine does the sifting for you in an organized and timely fashion. It systematically sorts through 700+ airline sites and various flight ticketing sites to match you with the best and cheapest airfare deals no matter what your budget calls for, and makes the data publicly available through a single portal.

No matter what business model, no matter what office scenario, employers always aim for productivity. Typically, an employer shells out top dollars for various tools and technological applications just so productivity, or efficiency, if you will, is achieved. But for a business that's still small, a business that's still financially struggling, these top-dollar applications may prove way out of their league. is a corporate intranet system that's free for small businesses with a maximum of 12 employees. merges the benefits of a free and fully functional CRM, free real-time viewing, free calendar and activity planner, free employee monitoring, free messaging system, just to mention some. And get this: It is cloud-based, meaning, it does not entail installation and can be accessible anywhere you go via a smartphone or a web-based browser. For unlimited user use, the upgrade costs only $99 per month, generating a lot of savings compared to running and maintaining multiple business tools in the long run.

Nowadays, choosing a domain for a website has proven to be an arduous process. Just when you think you have come up with a unique domain, somebody has already beaten you to it. This is because millions of domains have been registered to date. Mechanical generators are there to help out, but if uniqueness is your aim, expect to be disappointed big time. If you're running out of ideas, sure, branding and advertising agencies can help you get the job done, but the hefty price tag that comes with their services might make you feel like you've just been shot with a gun.

Started in 2007, is a naming service boasting a robust pool of 50,000 registered contributors from all around the globe. With this number of contributors, you are well-placed to receive numerous suggestions to choose from. To start receiving them, register as a client with the site, pay a mere $50 for a name or domain, or $75 for a slogan, and map out your naming requirements. And here's a deal no other branding or advertising agency will be willing to offer you: If you're not satisfied with any of the suggestions, you get a refund. - Sponsored Post-

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